How to find us

The SDC operates from its office complex in the University of Colombo. The SDC Complex is located nearer the Professor Stantely Wijesudndara Mawatha, end of the University, from which road it is most easily accessed. The SDC complex lies close to the Planetarium, independence Square and playgrounds of Bloomfield, Thurstaon and Royal (Rugby) and is also assessable from Reid Avenue.

General Inquiries:

If you have any booking inquiries or general queries regarding staff development and training, please contact the following:

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday   8:00 am to 4:00 pm

General Office

Staff Development Centre
University of Colombo
PO Box 1490
Sri Lanka

Telephone 011-2 594 899

011–5 337 207

Fax 011-2 594 899



If you want to know more about what the Staff Development Centre can do for you or if you would like to discuss any aspect of training and development, please speak to one of our Staff Development team members.